Here’s how Central Texas Representatives voted on and reacted to President Trump’s impeachment

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a historic move Wednesday night, the U.S. House voted to impeach President Donald Trump. Both articles passed: abuse of power with a 230-197 vote and obstruction of justice with a 229-198 vote. For the most part, these votes landed along party lines.

Here’s how Texans voted, and reacted, to the impeachment.

Michael McCaul, TX-10, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “Today is a somber day for our country,” McCaul wrote. “It has been polarized by partisan politics. As President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A House divided against itself, cannot stand.”

“I pray that our nation will heal from the divisive wound this weaponized impeachment process has caused.”

Read McCaul’s full statement in a Fox News Op-Ed here

Mike Conaway, TX-11, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “Democrats have forever weakened this body by turning impeachment into a political weapon,” Conaway wrote on Facebook.

“This impeachment scheme is nothing more than an attempt to conduct taxpayer-funded opposition research and damage the President’s electability heading into 2020.”

“The American people see right through this charade, and are fed up. It’s time to stop this madness and get back to the important work the American people sent us here to do.”

Bill Flores, TX-17, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “Today, for the third time in our country’s history, the House voted on articles of impeachment of a sitting president,” Flores wrote. “This process has been partisan and politically motivated from the start.”

Read his full statement here

Chip Roy, TX-21, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “The American people will have the opportunity to decide in November 2020,” Roy wrote. “We should let them.”

“It is time for Congress to work for the American people again.”

Read Roy’s full statement here

Roger Williams, TX-25, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “Today will be remembered as the day that House Democrats, claiming a false moral supremacy over the desire of the American people, executed a deliberate and orchestrated plan to overturn a Presidential election,” Williams wrote. “It will be the first time in history that a party paraded out their ivy league academics to explain to 31 states and almost 63 million people, that their voices should not be heard and why their votes should not be counted.

“This entire impeachment charade has been an extraordinary disservice to the people we were elected to represent, and it has set a dangerous precedent for future generations. Donald J. Trump is our President, chosen by the American people. The Democrats’ attempt to change history will never undo that.”

Michael Cloud, TX-27, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “Despite unfair and, even at times, secret hearings, the investigation uncovered no evidence that the president committed impeachable offenses,” Cloud wrote on Facebook. “Instead of legislating and working on behalf of the American people, we’ve seen a single-party effort in Congress to remove a sitting president. Even Speaker Pelosi acknowledged that the impeachment effort began two and a half years ago, long before the president’s July 25th phone call.”

Read Cloud’s full statement here

John Carter, TX-31, Republican

Article 1: NO

Article 2: NO

Reaction: “After moving forward with this political stunt without a vote on the floor to begin with, House Democrats are now attempting to legitimize their closed-door, partisan investigation only because the American people recognize their antics for what they are,” Carter wrote. “This resolution continues an entirely political investigation by Chairman Schiff, who lost all credibility by making up his own transcript and lying about his committee’s communication with the whistleblower. This resolution undermines the minority’s ability to call witnesses, while simultaneously emboldening the chairman to proceed without any checks or public debate. With this resolution, Speaker Pelosi has ensured that this process remains political theater, and I will not vote to continue this investigation on the exact same path it’s gone down for the last month. It’s time for this craziness to end and for the House to get back to doing the People’s work.”

Lloyd Doggett, TX-35, Democrat

Article 1: YES

Article 2: YES

Reaction: “Today’s impeachment of Donald Trump is about preventing tyranny,” Doggett wrote on social media. “Tyranny rarely appears full-born. It encroaches as freedom ebbs. Each of us pledges allegiance to the flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands. Not to one man who would be king.”

Read Doggett’s Op-Ed on why he voted to impeach published in the San Antonio Express News here

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