HOUSTON (KXAN) — With just one day before Election Day, someone vandalized the Harris County Democratic Party’s headquarters in Houston overnight.

Party leader said they arrived to the offices on Monday morning to discover messages in red spray paint on the front of the building. The messages read, “Election No, Revolution Yes,” accompanied by a drawing of a sickle and hammer symbol.

The building’s entryway door was also marked over with dripping red paint — in addition to the locks being glued shut to prevent entry.

“This will not distract us from our mission to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, making people’s lives better by enacting positive progressive policy,” Lille Schechter, the Harris County Democratic Party chair said.

Harris County has been in the news ahead of the election, after a Republican-led lawsuit that aims to get nearly 127,000 early voting ballots thrown out.

Republicans argue that the ballots are invalid because they were cast through drive-thru voting — which they say is an expansion of curbside voting, which should only be available to voters with disabilities.

On Sunday, the Texas Supreme Court rejected a request to throw out the votes that were cast in largely Democratic areas, but the decision could still change.