AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Governor Greg Abbott is warning Texans to keep practicing social distancing and wear face masks as the state continues to reopen.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people in their 20s testing positive,” Gov. Abbott said, “We believe that a lot of people have let down their guard, the summer’s here, things are opening up, they feel like they can go out without having to wear a face mask and they are not realizing this very important fact. COVID-19 still exists in Texas and America and across the globe.” 

Gov. Abbott then emphasized the importance of following safety recommendations from the CDC.

“If you do not use these safe strategies, you will test positive for COVID-19. You need to wear a mask. You need to wash your hands. You need to keep your distance from others because only you have control to ensure that you do not contract COVID-19 And the only way you can do that is by practicing those safe practices” Gov. Abbott said.

According to data from the Department of State Health Services, of the 89,108 positive cases in Texas, 2,436 are in their 20s as of June 15. However, the demographics have only been completed for 15,682 of the total 89,108 cases.

Gov. Abbott also addressed the increase in hospitalizations around the state.

“Capacity remains plentiful. Even though more hospital beds are occupied by those who have COVID-19 there are an abundant number of hospital beds that are available whether it be in Lubbock are these large cities, so we will be able to make sure that we can treat and provide health care for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19,” Gov. Abbott said.

The Governor also hinted at an upcoming announcement, regarding the reopening of schools in the fall.

“Expect an announcement maybe as early as next week on this, however, I will tell you that my goal is to see students back in classrooms in seats, interacting personally with teachers as well as other students. This is a very important environmental setting for both the students, for the teachers and for the parents. And so we believe that students in schools is the best outcome,” Gov. Abbott said.