AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Texas leaders will survey thousands of teachers to gather information on handling crises like school shootings and natural disasters.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced the launch of the School Safety and Victims’ Services Research Survey to be sent to educators statewide. The survey will be administered by Sam Houston State University and the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University.

The Texas School Safety Center shared that superintendents, principals, counselors, teachers, school-based law enforcement officers, higher education presidents, deans of students and professors received the survey by email.

Following the deadly Santa Fe High School shooting in May 2018, state leaders have worked to enact violence prevention measures, updated safety programs, and changes to mental health programs.

Abbott tweeted the results would “inform the largest statewide needs assessment on school safety in TX history.”

“The State of Texas remains committed to ensuring our educators and campuses have the support they need to address safety, mental health, and threats of violence in our schools,” Abbott said in a statement. “This survey is a vital part of that commitment, and I encourage all potential respondents to participate. This will assist in our continued work to secure our schools and proactively address mental health among our students.”

“I am grateful to Sam House State University and the Texas School Safety Center for their leadership on this important initiative,” Abbott stated. “Together, we will ensure the safety and security of our students and teachers.”

The 20-minute questionnaire will be sent to more than 500,000 educators across Texas.

According to Abbott’s office, funding for the survey was provided by the Office of the Governor’s Public Safety Office. It is part of the implementation of Abbott’s 44-page School and Firearm Safety Action Plan.