SAN ANTONIO (Nexstar) — Senator Elizabeth Warren returned to the Lone Star State on Thursday, February 27, just days before Super Tuesday.

Before the rally Thursday evening, Warren spent her afternoon in the community, receiving a tour of Mi Tierra from former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, the one-time San Antonio mayor who endorsed Warren after he dropped his own presidential bid.

Castro introduced Warren onstage later that evening, saying he’s proud to support her campaign.

When Warren took the stage, she focused on three main points.

“Let’s fight back against the influence of money, let’s get some structural change in our economy, and let’s protect our democracy,” Warren said.

“I have had it with a government who works for those with money,” Warren said.

She explained she wants minimum wages to reach a point again where someone working a full-time, minimum wage job can fully support a family.

Warren also discussed a 2-cent tax on the wealthy, which she said she has received some pushback on from billionaires.

“Their argument is ‘Hey, come on we worked hard,’ my answer is, good for you…but do keep in mind, you built a great fortune here in America,” Warren said.

Warren was also asked about immigration policy by one of the people in the crowd.

The Senator released a plan to aid border communities earlier in the day.

Her proposals include ending military deployments to the border, stopping construction of the Trump Administration’s border wall, and paving a pathway to citizenship.

“Immigration does not make our country weaker, it makes it stronger,” she said.

“I will stop deportations and review every single case that’s there when I’m president,” Warren said, then explaining most of her policies keep immigration in mind.

The total count at the rally was around 1,700, according to one estimate.

This included Nancy Ericksen, who wanted to hear what Warren had to say, explaining she still has not decided who she will vote for yet.

“I’d like to see how the whole country would benefit. I know how the Democrats would benefit from her election,” Erickson said.

Others like Makana Grant, are already set on Warren.

“I don’t have questions about her electability. I don’t have a questions about her integrity. I think that like, she is really, you know like a powerful individual, who I think we need right now,” Grant said.

Friday is the last day to vote early, the March primary in Texas is Tuesday, March 3.