AUSTIN (KXAN) — Senate Bill 2 regarding transgender school-aged athletes will go before the House Public Education Committee at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. It is one of five bills the House committee will hear.

The bill would require transgender athletes K-12 to participate on sports teams that correspond with their biological sex.

This would ban a transgender person who identifies as a woman from participating in a female sport.
The author behind the bill, Republican Senator Charles Perry from Lubbock said SB 2 would ensure fairness.
Senate Bill 2, Republican Senator Charles Perry says this would ensure fairness in sports — specifically in women’s sports.

“Overwhelming majority regardless of political affiliation, men or women, believe it’s common sense policy to allow girls to compete with girls and boys to compete with boys for both equity in their peer groups, equality, traditions, history and safety,” Perry said.

Representative Mary Gonzalez from El Paso plans to vote against the bill. She said a child’s mental health should be taken into consideration.

“This bill is harmful because not only does it actually discriminate against students but it additionally continues to perpetuate rhetoric that is dangerous against young people,” Gonzalez said.

She also said lawmakers have more important issues to consider – like COVID-19 in schools and the state’s power grid.

This measure is one of the issues Gov. Greg Abbott asked lawmakers to consider in the second special session.

This story will be updated after it’s heard by the House committee.