AUSTIN (KXAN) — Several polls released in recent weeks have President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden neck and neck in a general election match up in Texas. But, according to a Washington Post report, an adviser to the Biden campaign doesn’t believe Texas can turn blue.

A Morning Consult poll released Tuesday said Biden has a two-point advantage over Trump in Texas. Earlier that morning, a Washington Post report quoted an anonymous Biden adviser who doubted whether Texas will elect a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

“Texas is 22 [expletive] media markets,” the adviser told the Washington Post. “That is never going to happen. It’s just not going to happen. Everyone knows that. I don’t know why people are still even talking about it.”

The Texas Democratic Party frequently cites recent polls showing Biden leading Trump in its declarations that Texas is a battleground state in the 2020 election cycle.

Texas Democrats released their “Path to Victory” plan on Monday, which included a commitment to a “seven-figure” digital advertising spend.

“Texas is the biggest battleground state,” said Abhi Rahman, communications director for the Texas Democratic Party. “Four out of the last five, and three polls in a row show Joe Biden beating Donald Trump in Texas. Joe Biden is already showing his investment into Texas, and his campaign will continue to invest throughout the election.”

“With the national organizations, allied campaigns, Texas Democratic Party, and in-state partnered groups, we will have the resources to win up and down the ballot in November.”

The report that a Biden adviser doubted the Democrat’s chances in Texas quickly landed in Republican National Committee marketing materials.

“This new revelation right from the horse’s mouth is what we knew all along — the Democrats’ pipe dream of turning Texas blue was just that, a dream,” an email from Samantha Cotten, regional communications director for the RNC, read.