AUSTIN (KXAN) — Almost half a million Texans have been added to the state’s voter rolls since the March primaries, according to numbers released Friday by the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

Between March and Oct. 11, a total of 488,147 Texans registered to vote, an increase of 2.8%.

As of Oct. 11 — the deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 8 midterm elections — 17,672,143 Texans were registered statewide.

Harris County, home to Houston, has by far the most registered voters, with 2,568,463. That’s more than a million more than Dallas County, which has 1,420,223 registered voters. Tarrant and Bexar counties also have more than 1.2 million voters.

Travis County rounds out the top five, with almost 890,000 registered voters.

Loving County, the smallest county in the state in terms of population, has just 109 registered voters, up from 97 in the March primaries, an increase of 12.4% — the largest of any county statewide.

Hays County has the second largest increase — 6.1% — or 9,598 new voters registered since March. The county now has more than 167,000 registered voters.

In terms of raw numbers, Harris County added the most registered voters, with more than 60,000 new residents added to the county’s voter rolls. Bexar, Tarrant and Dallas counties all added more than 30,000 registered voters, while Travis, Denton and Collin each added more than 20,000.

Thirty counties statewide saw a decrease in the number of registered voters since March. Coke County, north of San Angelo, had the highest drop, with 103 fewer registered voters. That’s a decrease of 4.3%.