AUSTIN (Nexstar)— Two Austin-area Texas doctors said less than 48 hours after the Roe v. Wade opinion was released on Friday, more patients are looking into vasectomies and getting their tubes tied.

The Supreme Court opinion released Friday, will end Roe V. Wade—leaving it up to individual states, to regulate whether abortions are allowed.

“We’ll typically receive about 200 or so phone calls on a given Friday,” Dr. Koushik Shaw, founder of the Austin Urology Institute said.” “Then we had over 400 phone calls to our office just this past Friday, with 70 occurring over just the one hour period after Roe v. Wade was passed. We had a record number of bookings for requests for vasectomies…we’ve actually increased our schedule availability just to accommodate the current surge that we’ve seen.”

Dr. Tyler Handcock, and OBYN at Women’s Health Domain, said his clinic has received over 100 online requests from women, interested in getting their tubes tied in light of the news.

“I understand that patients are anxious, and scared, nervous, and we’ll do what we can,” Handcock said.

Both doctors said they’ve never seen such a dramatic increase in patients seeking these treatments, in such a short period of time.

“I think people are scared that contraceptions next other human rights are next,” Handcock said.

Tubal Ligation—getting tubes tied—cannot be reversed. Vasectomies can, but it costs thousands of dollars.

“It’s important that we talk about it, we talk about the options and educate ourselves and that this is a safe and very reasonable option when the time is right,” Shaw said.

This story will be updated by Capitol Correspondent Jala Washington.