TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — Two Taylor ISD elementary campuses debuted more grade levels than they’ve had in year’s past on the first day of the 2023-2024 school year.

Naomi Pasemann Elementary and Main Street Elementary now both have grades 1-5 along with Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Main Street Elementary Principal Kerri Pierce said before this year, her campus and Naomi Pasemann Elementary were both intermediate schools that only hosted grades 2-4.

Naomi Pasemann Elementary Principal Cynthia Proctor said the campuses opened up to provide more stability for families.

“It really allows the community, the families to be able to not have to do so many transitions. They’re in an elementary for five years, which really helps us build that community and culture here in in Taylor,” Proctor said.

Both principals said their campuses have undergone changes to accommodate more students.

Pierce said Main Street Elementary received new floors and new paint to refresh its halls. This was done with funds from a $84.2 million bond election approved by voters in 2022.

Ongoing improvement projects include building a new playground and bus canopy at Main Street Elementary. Eventually, classrooms will also receive new furniture and flooring.

“We are just looking forward to creating just a family here. Looking forward to just seeing our kids grow,” Pierce said.

Improvements are also slated for Naomi Pasemann Elementary in Phase Three of the bond election. Those changes, according to the district’s July bond update, include improved parking and drop-off security.