AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police are investigating another possible rock throwing case along Interstate 35 in South Austin, Thursday night.

“My clients heard like a boom,” said taxi cab driver Said Zahri. “My clients were like, ‘that’s a rock or something.'”

Zahri said he was driving two people from the airport — at around 9:51 p.m. — and headed northbound on I-35 in the right lane just before the Riverside Drive exit when something cracked his windshield.

“I first thought maybe my tire had blown out,” he said.

Zahri pulled over immediately and called police. He took pictures of the baseball size gash on the right side of his windshield.

The driver believes someone threw the rock from the frontage road. Austin police said they’re still investigating, but rock throwing has been a problem now since 2014.

Austin police don’t want to release specifics of what they’re doing to catch the person responsible because they’re afraid it will jeopardize the case.

“Someone will die one day for sure. Imagine if the rock hit the middle of the windshield it would go through for sure,” said Zahri.

Last month APD, the Texas Department of Transportation and city transportation officials met to figure out ways to prevent the rock throwing. Because of the randomness of the cases, it’s been hard to track.

Agencies have suggested using new technology, signage and infrastructure recommendations like medians or fences. The exact details of what is in the works is unknown.

“Now since I’m one of the victims it’s different,” said Zahri who plans on being extra cautious when he drives on 35.

On Mar. 7, police said the interstate is not the only roadway experiencing rocks thrown onto traffic. Incidents have been reported along Ben White Boulevard and Hwy 290.

Updated Map of I-35 Rock Throwing Cases