AUSTIN (KXAN) – Approximately 75,000 people descend onto the University of Texas Austin campus every day. That includes students, faculty, employees and people who just stopping by for a quick visit. Needless to say, the 16,000 parking spaces on campus, are not enough.

On Wednesday, the University hosted a transportation fair to talk to students and faculty about alternative transportation options. Researchers were on hand to discuss ways to relieve Austin’s congestion issues, but the biggest issue is parking.

If parking is an issue now, it’ll be a bigger issue when the Dell Medical School is operational. The campus currently has nine garages on campus, six of which are full and have waiting lists. The school has 7,576 faculty/staff spaces and 7,110 student spaces.

Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation at UT, Blanca Gamez, is exploring ways to help relieve the parking issues on campus.

“We are looking at the possibility of building new parking garages to help support the mission, as well as creating other transportation options to help people move to and from the Dell Medical School and around the City of Austin if they are coming to that hospital,” said Gamez.

Nearly 1,000 employees are on wait lists for the various garages,

“Many people ask for the 27th Street and Speedway Garage as these two garages are across the street from each other,” explained Dennis Delaney, Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation. “Most people on the wait list already have a parking permit at UT and their wait list request is to get parking that is more desirable for them.”

Breakdown of the number of faculty/ staff that are the six individual garage waitlists:

  • San Jacinto Garage-: 475
  • San Antonio Garage: 335
  • Brazos Garage: 249
  • 27th Street Garage: 487
  • Speedway Garage: 550

When you get onto campus, an option some people use is the Orange Bike program. It is a student run bike shop on campus that helps faculty, staff and students with their cycling needs, offering an alternative to driving and searching for parking.