AUSTIN (KXAN) — The city of Austin has released its updated list of permitted events for spring 2017, most of which are South by Southwest-related events. The city approved 146 permits this year, which is higher than its cap of 120 in 2016.

The Special Event permit applications are needed for any Temporary Temporary Use, Temporary Change of Use and 24-hour/96-hour Amplified Music Permits for outdoor temporary events. The latest an event can submit for a permit is Feb. 28 (for a temporary use permit), all other permits were due before Feb. 17.

An earlier draft version showed six events being denied, one of which was for Tidal–the livestreaming music service owned by Jay Z. It also appears “Fader Fort” is missing, but it’s unclear if the “Fader//Volcom Garden” event currently listed is Fader Fort’s event. Either way, if Fader Fort is back, it’s not located at the Pine Street Station at 1101 E. Fifth St., where it has been for several years.

Spotify House is noticeably missing as well. A spokesperson for Spotify says the company is taking a new approach this year by curating a Spotify SXSW 2017 hub that is “unique to the festival, giving Spotify fans everywhere the opportunity to explore the music coming out of SXSW. “App users, tap here for the full list.

List of permitted events as of Feb. 24, 2017.

City Stage List as of Feb. 24. 2017 by kxanwebteam on Scribd