BEXAR COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — One person is dead, and a Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy is in the hospital with injuries after a disturbance call escalated to an officer-involved shooting Saturday in Bexar County, BCSO said in a news conference.

On Saturday morning, BCSO received several calls about a disturbance at a home in Bexar County, BCSO Sheriff Javier Salazar said.

According to BCSO, the suspect, who was not identified Saturday, came to the home and began getting violent with family members who lived in the home. Furthermore, Salazar said the suspect had been doing some work in the home, as the family members just moved from out-of-state two or three days ago.

Salazar said the suspect attempted to do work inside the home, but for some reason, the situation turned south fairly quickly.

The suspect assaulted family members inside the home, and an off-duty officer who lived in the area went to confront the suspect, as the suspect had a knife on him. While the off-duty officer had a weapon on him, Salazar said he showed an immense amount of strength and allowed the suspect some space to keep him from using deadly force.

A BCSO deputy arrived on the scene, and Salazar said the suspect ran toward the deputy and assaulted him. The deputy tried to tase the suspect, but he was not successful, according to BCSO.

The deputy then fired his weapon two to three times, striking the suspect. The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene, according to BCSO.

Salazar said the deputy suffered two lacerations to his face and had impact on the other side of his face, due to the assault. The deputy remained in the hospital, but he was expected to be OK, Salazar said. His face injuries will more than likely require stitches, Salazar said.

The deputy involved is an 8-year veteran of BCSO, Salazar said.

According to BCSO, the suspect was a male in his 20s or 30s.

The incident remained under investigation Saturday.