KYLE, Texas (KXAN) – The City of Kyle is planning for the future. It’s developing a comprehensive plan for 2030 to help navigate its continued growth.

The city is asking people who live there for their input.

What is a comprehensive plan?

The city’s director of planning William Atkinson said a comprehensive plan is the city’s guide to growth.

“Any development that happens inside a city needs a foundation of a plan on where it can develop, how it can develop, to make sure that it’s being developed in an appropriate manner,” Atkinson said.

The last time the city adopted a comprehensive plan was in 2010. That’s the current plan it is working under.

The process for the 2030 comprehensive plan started October 2022. Residents have had opportunities to provide feedback in two surveys.

“The first survey was getting a general baseline from the citizens with their expectations, what they want to see,” Atkinson said. “The second survey further narrows that down. And so we can get a much better feel for what everybody’s expecting.”

What is top of mind for residents?

According to results from the first survey, roads and infrastructure are listed under both the city’s biggest opportunity to improve and its biggest challenges.

The city’s biggest opportunities to improve:

  • Roads
  • Infrastructure
  • Downtown
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses

The city’s biggest challenges:

  • Traffic
  • Roads
  • Infrastructure
  • Growth

Kyle resident Barbara Ortega said roads are an important focus for her. “The roads are a little country roads,” she said.

Ortega said she is glad to be a part of this process and hopes to see more roads as the population grows.

“They just need to be a little wider, a little safer. I would love to see some more sidewalks or some bike lanes,” Ortega said.

How can I give my input?

The city has a second survey available online until Feb. 21.

There’s also an option to use an interactive map. It allows Kyle residents to place a pin on the map on the places they love, special places, popular gathering spaces, areas that need improvement and their favorite house/shopping areas.

Users have the opportunity to leave specific comments about their pin and why they placed it.

Atkinson said after gathering all the data and feedback from residents, they hope to have the plan ready by October 2023.