AUSTIN (KXAN) — Residents in the University Hills neighborhood of east Austin said they are terrified after multiple burglaries happened nearby, with some reportedly taking place when people were asleep inside.

Over the last two weeks and across multiple surveillance cameras, a tall, slim man was captured walking around homes near Loyola Lane and Greensboro Drive. In the footage, he can be seen attempting to unlock backyard fences and open doors.

Haley Hensley said it was late at night several days ago when the man broke into her back porch. She said her pets woke her up because of the noise, and that the man tried to enter the home through all of its outside doors.

“It’s terrifying. I haven’t slept. Every hour I’m waking up to look at my cameras to check the house,” Hensley said.

Lorna Torrado also lives in the neighborhood. She said the man has appeared at her home twice but has not stolen anything.

Torrado said multiple neighbors have reported valuables being stolen and running into the man as he breaks into other homes.

Since his appearance, Torrado said she has spread fliers across the neighborhood with the alleged burglar’s picture.

“Imagine knowing that the possibility of someone trying to break into your house while you’re resting and sleeping. Concentrating on work is really hard,” Torrado said.

Hensley and Torrado said Austin Police have identified the suspect captured on the video. KXAN reached out to APD for more information.