KSNF/KODE — Oklahoma is the most CBD-captivated state in America, a new study reveals. The research, carried out by medical cannabis experts at Leafwell examined Google trends and data of search terms frequently used by people interested in CBD (Cannabidiol). These terms were then combined to give each American state a ‘total search score’ to discover which states have been the most interested in CBD over the past 12 months.

The study revealed that Oklahoma ranks highest as the state most curious about CBD. With a total search score of 562, Oklahoma topped the list for its population, having the highest search levels for the phrases ‘CBD’, ‘CBD Oil’, ‘Medical marijuana’, ‘Cannabis’, ‘Buy CBD’, ‘What is CBD’ and ‘THC’ combined. Additionally, the population of Oklahoma searching for ‘Medical Marijuana’ is the second most in the nation.

The state of Vermont is America’s second most curious state about CBD, with a total search score of 539. Vermont has the highest proportion of its population searching for the term ‘Buy CBD’, placing it second in the ranking. 

New Mexico places as the third state most interested in CBD. The state has the second-highest level of searches for the term ‘Cannabis.’ Additionally, those in New Mexico searching for ‘What is CBD’ and ‘THC’ is the the fifth most in America, giving New Mexico a total search score of 533.

The state of Maine also ranks as one of America’s states most interested in CBD, placing fourth overall. With a total search score of 524, Maine has the sixth-highest level of searches for the term ‘buy crypto,’ and the highest number of searches for ‘Cannabis.’ The state also has the second-highest number of searches for ‘Buy CBD.’

The fifth most CBD-obsessed state is Arkansas, with a total search score of 502. The state has the highest number of searches in America for ‘Medical Marijuana’ and was the eighth highest state searching for ‘Buy CBD.’

10 Most CBD-Obsessed States In America

Rounding out the top-ten list is the state of Missouri, which is revealed to be the tenth most CBD-obsessed state in America. Missouri has a total search score of 476, with the state’s popular search terms being ‘THC’, ‘What is CBD’ and ‘CBD’.

Leafwell commented on the findings by saying, “This year we have seen a significant jump in interest for CBD and medical marijuana across the US. The popularity of CBD is likely due to considerable research into the substance, resulting in its many reported benefits. The substance has also been used increasingly in the beauty industry over the past few years.”

“This study provides interesting insight into which states remain most interested in CBD. The states at the top of this list appear to be more curious than others, seeking out information regarding medical marijuana and looking to broaden their knowledge on THC.”