State of Texas: In-depth – Looking for Options


“I think that this election is weird.”

Mike Ward has covered quite a few elections in nearly four decades of reporting, but none quite like this year’s race.  Ward is the Austin Bureau Chief for the Houston Chronicle.  This week on State of Texas: In-depth, he joined Dallas Morning News reporter Bob Garrett for a closer look at how Donald Trump’s questions about election fairness could have an impact on the vote in Texas.  “There is a group in Texas that it does resonate with,” Ward said.  “They are convinced that a lot of people are voting that shouldn’t be. They can’t give you any details.  It’s just the sense that they have.”

The combination of two deeply unpopular candidates topping the ballot and an uncomfortably harsh tone of the campaign has pushed some voters to look for options beyond the Democrats and Republicans.  “I think Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party is going to get some disaffected Republican votes, there’s no question,” Garrett said.  But third parties aren’t the only option for voters.  Some write-in candidates are working to gain support.   We’ll hear from two candidates who tout themselves as “the other option,” and hear why they say they have a shot in November.

State of Texas host Josh Hinkle also looks closer at a plan top state lawmakers are pushing to change the way Texas pays for education.  It could take money from public schools and put it in the pockets of parents.

You can watch the program here.

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