AUSTIN (KXAN) — The time to say goodbye is short for parents of stillborn babies. A device called a “Cuddle Cot” at St. David’s Medical Center is giving families longer moments together.

Experts say that time is crucial for healing. In April of last year, Sara and Don Hogan received news they never wanted to hear.

Nearly five months into Sara’s pregnancy their baby’s heart stopped beating. Doctors were forced to deliver the baby. “I think I asked the question on Friday morning, ‘Would I be able to hold her?”‘  Sara Hogan said.

She did — and the Hogans named their baby girl Mary Margaret. But because a stillborn baby’s skin and organs change very quickly, the time they had to say farewell and take pictures was short and sporadic. Nurses used bags of ice or refrigerated rooms to keep Mary Margaret cool.

“It’s very hard to see your child surrounded by bags of ice,” Hogan said. “We really had to make sure that she stayed cool, because those photos wouldn’t have happened.”

A few weeks after leaving the hospital, the family heard about the Cuddle Cot. It looks like a normal bassinet, but underneath blankets surrounding the baby are a cooling pad. A device pumps cold water into the pads to keep them cool, allowing a baby to stay in the same room with their parents for three days.

The Hogans started fundraising to give one Cuddle Cot to each St. David’s hospital, collecting nearly $14,000. The last of five was donated this week.

“Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer the gift of time,” said Sara, who is expecting a baby girl in September.

Experts believe the more time spent together after the birth of a stillborn infant leads to a drop in anxiety and fewer bouts with depression, especially for mothers of stillborn babies.

“I have watched women love on their child. Even if the child has died, it doesn’t mean that they stop being parents,” said St. David’s registered nurse Mary Jane Philpy-Dollins said. “Having the child in the room means that the siblings, the grandparents and cousins have a chance to say goodbye.”

The Cuddle Cots cost nearly $3,000 each. So far this year, St. David’s has used them almost 30 times.