AUSTIN (KXAN) – You’ve heard the stories about lost luggage and people having to take road trips across the country because of Southwest Airlines cancellations, but some people were depending on more than just getting home.

“I was really excited to go back to school and be like, maybe I can take some actual medicine that will help me,” said 13-year-old Emma Latham, who had a procedure canceled because the doctor could not make it to Austin.

“It wasn’t his fault,” said Emma’s mom, Kimberley Whitehead. “He tried to get back.”

Kimberley said the Southwest Airlines cancellations prevented him from getting back, and now they won’t get the answers they were hoping for until the procedure is rescheduled next year.

“People did count on them to get where they needed to go,” Kimberley said. It is very frustrating, we just want answers.”

Emma said it’s frustrating having to wait for the answers.

“We ran through this at the end of April,” said Jacob Whitehead, Emma’s stepdad. “From running track and jumping hurdles to a wheelchair in less than 30 days and the struggle is finding out where, why and when.”

A quick glance at the cancellations shows upset travelers being stranded and left without luggage, but for Emma the cancellation had a much bigger impact.

“They really need to fix what they have done and make it better,” Kimberley said.