AUSTIN (KXAN) – The holiday season means long lines as grocery shoppers try to snag last minute items. But some H-E-B customers were left waiting longer than usual.

Lines and lines filled this Mueller H-E-B ahead of the holiday weekend. Customers were left waiting to pay for their purchases because of issues with payment machines.

Lines of customers waiting to checkout at HEB
Some customers said HEB employees offered them water and cookies as they waited for card machine issues to be resolved.

Some took to Facebook warning about others experiencing the same thing.

Meghan Horton told KXAN that lines were long to begin with because of the holiday rush.

“They started announcing over the loud speaker that their systems were down and they were on the phone with support working on a fix. Then later updated that it was beyond just the local store and affecting all H-E-Bs,” Horton said.

An H-E-B spokesperson told KXAN registers at the Mueller H-E-B location were up and running and that they’re working to provide more details.

No word yet on how long this lasted or the cause of it.

Horton said it wasn’t all that bad standing in line. She said employees started handing out cookies and water to customers who were waiting.