AUSTIN (KXAN) — The kids are home for the summer and the hot weather is really setting in here in Austin. It’s a good time to be at the pool. But from mechanical problems to flooding damage, you might find yourself out of luck.

Thirteen pools were scheduled to open June 8, but a couple of pools remained closed. Anxious swimmers were waiting at the gate Monday to Shipe Pool in Austin’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

“I’m a mom of three kids and this neighborhood pool is a big deal to us,” said Julian Lerman. “We usually walk here and we come in the morning to cool off and then we come back in the afternoon.”

Shipe Pool is one of the Austin’s oldest. The city’s Aquatics Division Manager, Cheryl Bolin, says they fixed an electrical problem with it over the weekend, but after opening Monday morning the problem started again.

“Staff is out there in force,” said Bolin. “We have all of our maintenance staff out there balancing out the pools, making sure the chemicals are good.”

The problems are not just mechanical. The recent flooding impacted some pools. Dottie Jordan Pool, which is one of 10 pools supposed to open next week, will have to delay its opening after flooding damaged the pump and tore apart the fencing. And Metz Pool is closed until further notice because of repairs needed after flooding there.

At other pools across town, though, there is no shortage of summer fun. Givens Pool on the east side opened Monday as planned.

“It’s an excellent pool to bring the kids and family and stuff,” said Gerald Willie.

The city opens pools on a staggered basis to make sure they can staff them appropriately. About seven pools opened in May and the first few days of June. About a dozen or so were slated to open June 8. Another 10 are set to open the week of June 15.

As of June 8, the Aquatics Division says they have got 475 lifeguards on board. The goal is to at minimum have 550 by July.