AUSTIN (KXAN) — The loved ones of local singer-songwriter, Savannah Welch, say the injuries she sustained in last week’s crash at the Wimberley Farmers Market have forced doctors to amputate her right leg. Welch is a member of the folk music group, The Trishas.

“Savannah is recovering remarkably quickly and her spirits are great,” her father, Kevin Welch, said. “It could have easily gone a lot of other ways, a lot of worse ways.”

Welch says he and his 4-year-old grandson, Charlie Burns, were standing on either side of Savannah when she was struck by a vehicle. “[Her son] was maybe, I don’t know, maybe six feet away from her when the car hit her. So, that’s what we’re concentrating on is, you know, being grateful.”

Her life partner and best friend, Jeff Burns, says she has handled her medical prognosis with “grace and grit.”

“The first day she swung over and put her foot on the ground and they asked what she wanted to do next and she said, ‘I want to stand up.’ It’s hard to keep a girl like that focused on the day, and only the day,” explained Burns. “Her life’s going to be different, our life’s going to be different, but it’s a new life and we’re going to make it great.”

The family says Welch is focused on taking one day at a time. “She’s healing and every day is progress and every day is a new challenge,” added Burns. “We’re just, we’re just going one day at a time and like every day, she’s a whole lot better,” said Welch, her father.

According to a message written by Welch’s family and posted Saturday afternoon on the band’s Facebook page,

Savannah is an actress, known for her roles in many local films including Boyhood and Tree of Life, as well as being a member of the Texas-based band, The Trishas. The outpouring of love and support from the community and beyond has sustained her and her family through this difficult time. She is a blessing and a living miracle to all those in her life. Once we have more information on our needs, details on how to help will follow next week.”

Burns says Welch’s spirit is humbling. “Every day I wake up by her side and I thank her for the front row seat to see her handle the hardship and the joy, and the gratitude that we have for the grace of God that watched over her that day, and watched over our son, and for Kevin.”

(Family Photo)

The Texas Department of Public Safety said Monday they are still waiting for the crash report. Troopers say it is an open investigation and that because the crash was not fatal, the crash report is expected within 10 work days after the accident.

The Welch family said they are thinking about the driver involved in the crash. “We feel terrible for her, as well. So does Savannah. It has to be… uh man, it has to be a terrible feeling,” said Welch.

The crash happened Wednesday at Ranch Road 12 and River Road around 4:38 p.m. Two people were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Of those, Welch was airlifted from the scene.

A woman driving what appeared to be an SUV came into the parking lot and crashed into a white van, injuring a man working one of the booths, as well as Welch. The operations director for Wimberley EMS told KXAN News last week it is too soon to know what charges will be filed.

The Welch family says they are grateful for the love and support from fans and the music community during this time.

“This community of folk down here in Austin are unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Burns. “It sounds so cliche to say you’re so thankful to be alive. But, to really mean it and to wake up every day and know that that’s going to carry you through the day is a whole other meaning.”