Sunny, Michele and Tina Chang are three siblings who are united in the loss of both parents. They’ve banded together to start “Three Siblings,” a podcast that tells their story, their points-of-view, and offers encouragement and hope to people who are dealing with grief.

“Through their story, they openly discuss the impact of depression, suicide, and how they coped with the loss. With different backgrounds and experiences, each sibling has a unique story to tell. Through their tears, heart-ache, and laughter, they hope to inspire and provide comfort to those who are struggling. This is three siblings, sharing their story of survival, hope, and love.

“By listening to the story and discussions, the siblings hope that listeners can gain valuable insights into the struggles and challenges that come with mental health issues and coping with loss. They can also learn about various coping mechanisms and strategies that helped the siblings overcome their difficulties. The siblings’ diverse backgrounds and experiences make this an enriching and relatable experience that can hopefully help listeners feel less alone and more empowered to navigate their own mental health journeys. Overall, the siblings hope that listening to this story can inspire hope, provide comfort, and foster a sense of connection and understanding.”

New episodes drop on the first Monday of every month, and they’re available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher and more. See the full list at