Kim Eagle of Earn That Body joined Studio 512 to talk about being more conscious of our cravings: sugar is hiding in many non-dessert foods! Check out her swaps for lower-sugar options:

1. Swap the sugary breakfast cereal out for OATMEAL (HIGHER fiber, lower sugar)
2. Swap white bread for WHOLE GRAIN (again, fiber is a theme here. It will help keep you feeling fuller, longer!)
3. Swap sugary drinks or sodas for WATER with slices of orange, lemon, lime
4. Swap those sweet treats after dinner (pie, cookies, candy, ice cream) for YOGURT PARFAIT (Kim can make this in 3 seconds…you can, too!)

To learn more about Kim’s services, check out her website. You can also give her a follow on social media, @EarnThatBody, for inspiration.