(WMBF/ NBC) A South Carolina pediatrics office is now turning away patients who aren’t vaccinated.

Tamara Pickett has been taking her daughter, who is unvaccinated, to CPG Pediatrics since she was about 6 months old.

“That was one of the reasons we came to the practice because we were informed they were accepting patients that had not been vaccinated or did not plan on vaccinating,” she says.

At a recent doctors visit, she was told her now 2-year-old daughter will no longer receive treatment there unless she gets vaccinated. Picket requested written proof of the newly-established policy. The formal letter she received has been making its rounds on social media.

CPG Pediatrics said it’s a policy put in place for the safety of their patients.

“Having unvaccinated children coming to a pediatric office where lots of children are at a very high risk for contracting vaccine-related diseases just seems inappropriate,” Dr. Marc Bahan says.

Dr. Bahan said it’s a necessary protection given the number of patients they care for that have a weakened immune system.

“We have patients on chemotherapy with cancer, we have patients coming in here with severe congenital heart diseases. All of these patients can potentially die if they contract one of these diseases,” he explains.

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