AUSTIN (KXAN) — There could be a danger in your home that you’re unaware of. Texas leaders would like families to look out for lead and lead poisoning.

It’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. The state said more than 4,000 children in Texas have elevated lead levels.

We wanted to know what this looks like in Austin.

We spoke with water filtrations experts at Aquasana, which is an Austin-based company that specializes in creating healthy water at home.

Experts said Austin’s city water is safely sourced directly from Lake Austin and Lake Travis. More often than not, water isn’t leaving treatment facilities with lead in it. It’s the delivery system, such as older pipes, that can contaminate the water.

“While Austin has fairly healthy water, where it enters the system is in the pipes, in the delivery system in the pipes that may be in your house. So homes before 1986 could have lead pipes, lead fixtures, lead solder on the pipes that leaches into the water that you drink,” Aquasana General Manager Derek Mellencamp said.

According to Aquasana’s recent water quality survey, lead remains the number one drinking water contaminant concern for people in our area.

It said the safest way to remove lead from drinking water is to use a water filtration device that uses pressure to push water through a series of filters.

Keep in a mind a common misconception — boiling water won’t remove lead. It can actually increase the concentration of lead in your water.