Kim Eagle with Earn That Body says, “I hate spending a weekend prepping meals for the week.” If you’re like Kim, she’s got some tips to prep for weeknight meals without whittling away your free time. Kim says:

1. “I write down and plan what dinners I will make each night of the week ahead.
2. I hit the market with a list of all the items I need (including a vegetable to go with each dinner).
3. If I know I have a very busy week ahead, sometimes I will just prep a few easy things (shredded chicken in the slow cooker, quinoa, prep some snack bags, etc.).”

“All of these things help you not feel the overwhelmed during the week, which can often lead to just running out for fast food.

“I did a podcast episode with even more details (search the Earn That Body Podcast Episode #297), and you can get my Top 5 Go-To Dinner Recipes!”

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