Have your workouts…and nutrition…gone by the wayside this season, because you’re in the midst of fun? Kim Eagle with Earn That Body has healthy tips to finish summer strong.

Kim’s tips:

1. COMMIT to 3-4 workouts/week (even if it’s just a walk) and put it on your calendar. Get back to moving your body.

2. COMMIT to eating more veggies and fruit each day (5 servings a day, 2 being fruit).

3. COMMIT to only eating out 3x each week (including those visits to Starbucks/coffee shops).

Do you need some help in the nutrition department? Kim has a new offering called the “3 Week Meal Plan Challenge” starting Sept. 11th, where she says you can “dial your nutrition back in with new recipes and learn how to create your own meal plans to keep you on track with your goals.”

Kim wants people to have healthy, sustainable weight loss. Kim has a free newsletter that will keep you in loop (as well as giving great tips and recipes) on all her latest plans. To learn more about Kim’s services, check out her website. You can also give her a follow on social media, @EarnThatBody, for inspiration.