AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Sauls have been living in Austin for 62 years, but last year, their air conditioner broke, and they couldn’t afford to fix it.

“I cook a lot, and sometimes I’m sweating more than I’m cooking, But you know, it gets pretty hot in here,” Martha Sauls told KXAN at her home.

She’s thankful her daughter, Cheryl, reached out to Family Eldercare to help get her and her husband some relief.

“It was hot in here. Like dad was slumped over the chair, and my heart just broke. I love my parents a lot; I love them all, and I just started praying and asking for guidance too. And he led me to Family Eldercare,” Cheryl explained.

When she went to pick up the fans, the family got some extra help.

“When I got there, they provided them with a brand new window unit and two box fans,” Cheryl said. Family Eldercare is able to provide around five A/C units a year to families, in addition to fans.

“She called the next day to just let us know how grateful she was, because they couldn’t actually afford to run their A/C or have it repaired. And so when we hear something like that, that’s those are folks that we’re going to refer to additional services,” Brittany Blaize with Family Eldercare said.

“With everything so high, and all the heat, you have to buy groceries, you got to pay bills. So it gets kind of tough,” Martha said.

Family Eldercare said the fans themselves just open the doors.

“That helps us to connect with those in need and refer them over to other services, whether that’s at Family Eldercare or other organizations throughout the community,” Blaize said.

The Sauls family hopes this fan drive encourages others to help their elderly neighbors this summer.

“We need to take the time out to check on them, whether they’re relatives, neighbors, right, somebody, you know, your neighbor. Whoever it is, we all need help,” Cheryl said.