Kim Eagle of Earn That Body spoke with Studio 512 about how important it is to check the labels on the food you buy (even if you think it’s a healthy choice). She says there could be chemicals lurking in plain sight that can impact our health. Some of her top suggestions to look out for:

Many have artificial flavors and dye added! 
EAT: organic brands, and those without sucralose.

Some brands add a lot of chemicals that could be artificial sweeteners or even coloring!
EAT: air popped!

“Maple syrup is such a wonderful staple in my life, and yet companies are ruining the real deal with artificial colors/sweeteners!”
EAT: organic maple syrup. “Maple syrup” should be the only thing on the ingredient label!

“People love them and they are easy to grab. But in my opinion they are glorified candy bars. Watch out for sucralose and erythritol on the label.”
EAT: Perfect Bars (refrigerated)

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