Author of Road To Hope, Dena Jansen stopped by to spread encouragement on self-love. Dena shares 5 ways to show yourself LOVE for FREE! Overall the key is to slow down, be intentional and celebrate yourself in the best way you know how (not how others do it – make it a personal exercise)!

  1. Breathe. 

With the high-speed lives we live, we don’t realize that we give into shallow breathing. And too many times, we forget to breathe like our life depends on it. So don’t take your breath for granted. Take several long, deep breaths. Slow down your heart, slow down your mind, and fuel your body with much needed calm and energy!

  • Be Where Your Feet Are. 

We are go-go-going so quickly that many times we aren’t present in the moment. But it’s essential to slow down and get grounded. To do that, simply look down and be where your feet are. Have gratitude for all that you see and who you are with and embrace coming back to yourself.

  • Get Up & Out Into Nature. 

When we are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or stuck, we tend to stop moving as we binge-watch or sit and scroll. But what we need to do is get up and move our body, and ideally out in nature. Fresh air leads to a fresh perspective! So, walk, run, hike, ride bikes, or sit outside and enjoy a sunset or the stars and allow nature to give you a big ole hug!

  • Put Yourself In A Quiet Time Out. 

With all the competing demands for our attention, we must remember that silence is golden! And just like those time outs we experienced as children, as adults, we still need space to reset physically and emotionally. Maybe you need rest (aka…a real-life N-A-P), or to learn something new, or to self-reflect. Options include meditation, journaling, taking a hot bath, reading a book, listening to music. Find what works for you and give yourself the quiet time and space you need!

  • Create. 

So much of our energy goes into all the things we are thinking about in our beautiful minds. But we are creative beings, and there is something calming about creating a tangible thing that brings us joy! Try cooking a new recipe, making an amazing craft, drawing or doodling, or putting a puzzle together. Whatever you do, follow your gut on what to create. Don’t overthink it. Celebrate it. And always wrap it up with a deep breath!

Dena Jansen is a speaker, author, and coach that works with #POTENTIALSeekers as they are ready to show up and commit to pursuing their potential. For more information, go to and follow along on social media for upcoming speaking engagements and conferences. Facebook: @DenaSpeaks Instagram: @Dena_Jansen.