AUSTIN (KXAN) — A little girl from Central Texas is up against a big fight with cancer. But that is not stopping her from spreading joy and inspiration wherever she goes.

“Her song throughout the whole journey has been Go Tell It On The Mountain,” said her mom, JaNett Hill. Earlier this year, her daughter, Elliott, was diagnosed with a tumor and stage four lung cancer.

“Elliott is a super hero to many people,” Hill said. “She gets poked and prodded a lot and now she becomes very attentive to people’s ‘owies’ and things that hurt, so any time she sees them she’ll put her little hands on them and she’ll pray Jesus will you please make them better?”

It was Elliot’s demeanor, strength and bravery that inspired Austin mom and businesswoman, Allison Schickel, to make a special line of recovery robes. They give adult cancer survivors a place to put IV’s, tubes and drains post-surgery or during treatment. 

“I just feel lucky and I feel honored and blessed,” said Schickel.

Though they were originally designed for adults, they are now being made for kids just like Elliot. She says she rushed the prototype of Elliot’s robe to production.

“It comes with pockets and the pockets have snaps as well so you can interchange the pockets throughout the robe and it comes with superhero kits and has a superhero mask,” Schickel said.

“It was so funny as soon as she put it on, she started putting her hands in the air and running back and forth,” Hill explained.

Now, Elliott can be a superhero without anything getting in her way.

“Jesus, can you help mommy’s owee? Amen,” Elliot prayed.

The robes for kids will soon be available on The Recovery Robe’s website. The robe will be named ‘The Elliott’ after the 3-year-old and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.