AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas Latino elected officials hosted Tim Kaine at an endorsement press conference to discuss their support for Hillary Clinton. It was a time for numerous Democrat officials from across Texas to meet and create a strategy to ensure that Latino voters will make it to the polls.

Kaine, the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, spoke to supporters at the Mexican-American Cultural Center downtown. Addressing the crowd in English and Spanish, he explained how important the Latino community is in the preservation of the Hispanic voice.

“That is a proud part of who we are. We have always been an Hispanic nation since our very first day,” Kaine said.

Kaine expressed his concern for Trump’s plan to end immigration reform and would be a step backward for the Latino community.

“The American voter has a choice. We are going to win this race. That what the America voters want is a comprehensive reform for the first time in 30 years. I think that is what the voters are going to tell us on November 8,” Kaine said.

In recent polls in Texas, Donald Trump is slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton. Clinton and Kaine are hoping to prove that their campaign can turn the Lone Star State blue.

Less than one week ago the Democratic National Committee opened an Austin headquarters for Hillary Clinton. Once up and running, the office at 61 N. Interstate 35 at Holly Street will serve as a hub for organizing activity in Austin for Clinton’s campaign.

The latest financial reports show the Clinton campaign committee has raised more than $13 million in Texas. Trump’s campaign committee has raised just over $5 million in Texas.