AUSTIN (KXAN) — An electronic tattoo could help save your heart.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed an ultrathin, lightweight electronic tattoo, or e-tattoo, that attaches to the chest for continuous, mobile heart monitoring outside of a clinical setting.

It’s a continuation of an earlier chest e-tattoo project, according to a release from UT. It’s wireless and mobile and is enabled by a series of small active circuits and sensors carefully arranged and linked by stretchable interconnections and conforms to the chest via a medical dressing, the release said. The clear devices are less intrusive than other monitoring systems and more comfortable for patients.

The e-tattoo includes two sensors that together provide a clear picture of heart health, giving clinicians a better chance to catch red flags for heart disease early.

“Most heart conditions are not very obvious. The damage is being done in the background and we don’t even know it,” said Nanshu Lu, a professor in the Department of Aerospace and Engineering Mechanics and a lead author of the study. “If we can have continuous, mobile monitoring at home, then we can do early diagnosis and treatment, and if that can be done, 80% of heart disease can be prevented.”

UT researchers have also developed other e-tattoos that help monitor health. One can show if someone is stressed and the other can help monitor blood pressure.