AUSTIN (KXAN) — Ground water pumping and drought are having a major impact on some of our favorite watering holes and rivers.

Last summer Jacob’s Well shut down and remains closed for the foreseeable future.

“The river is very low,” said Virginia Parker, executive director of the San Marcos River Foundation. “We have a lot more people moving to Central Texas which means we have a lot more straws going down into the Edwards Aquifer.”

The Splash Cats are competing in Texas Water Safari’s Toughest Canoe Race– which starts in the San Marcos River and ends on the coast. The team said the low levels will impact the race.

“It definitely causes concern,” Cecili Bugge said. “We have more opportunities to damage our boat.”

While the San Marcos River has not had to shutdown because of the low levels, it has caused concern.

“It is about half the level it usually is,” Parker said.

Low water levels can also impact the wild rice that only grows on the San Marcos river.

Parker said now with lower levels, people can wade through the water and step on the roots– which kills the plant.

“It only grows in the first few miles of the river,” said Parker.

As the temperatures continue to warm up Parker said rain is much needed.

“We are all hoping for more rain,” said Parker.