SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) — A San Antonio woman that came up with one of the three finalists for the new Lay’s potato chip flavor was announced as the winner Tuesday.

In addition to walking away with $1 million, Ellen Sarem will have bragging rights every time she passes the chip aisle in her local grocery store.

“See that bag of chips?” she could say to fellow shoppers. “I made it.”

Sarem told WOAI she came up with the recipe for the crispy taco flavor after going on a first date with her now fiance.

She told the station that crispy tacos are his “favorite food ever,” so she made them for the date. But it wasn’t easy coming up with the final recipe. “I got it completely wrong. So it took me about a year to perfect the recipe,” she told News4SanAntonio.

Sarem beat out kettle cooked everything bagel and wavy fried green tomato flavors to win the top prize. The runners-up aren’t walking home empty-handed. They’ll be getting $50,000 each.