ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Baylor alumni and family members gathered Sunday to remember the 10 basketball players, coaches and fans killed 90 years ago today in Round Rock.

The City of Round Rock revamped the Mays Street Bridge in Baylor colors to commemorate the ‘Immortal Ten.’ They were killed when their bus was hit by a train on the bridge on Jan. 22, 1927. Ten of the 21 people on board the bus died.

Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw said adding the new aesthetics, including plaques and pictures of the 10 men, was, “Our way of memorializing it and making sure that people are aware of it every time they cross the bridge.”

Tiger Mackenzie Maddox is the great granddaughter of Joe Potter, the bus driver who survived crash, but has since passed away. She said Baylor’s efforts to remember the Immortal Ten creates a sense of unity on campus and engages current students with the past.

“To honor those families that went through this tragedy and felt that pain but at the same time, we get to be a new generation that gets to bring light to this horrible tragedy and get to live on through it,” Maddox said.

McGraw said this bridge connects the two communities together and creates a lasting memory for those crossing it.

“These are not just names on a plaque,” McGraw said. “They were lives, they were family members, they were friends, and they were members of the community.”

The Mays Street bridge over railroad tracks on the south side of downtown was built as a result of the crash. It was the first railroad overpass in the state of Texas.