AUSTIN (KXAN) — Appeals for Rodney Reed’s life continued this Valentine’s Day with a delivery to the Governor’s Mansion. Reed was sent to death row for the rape and murder of Stacy Stites in 1996. His execution is set for March 5. Reed’s attorney says he has new evidence that should set him free.

A group of Reed’s supporters showed up at the mansion in downtown Austin Saturday with large heart-shaped posters asking Governor Greg Abbott to spare Reed’s life.

“In this case, I think everyone can agree that the least we can do is get more DNA testing just to make sure that this guy isn’t innocent, which we believe and are arguing that he is,” said Collin Poirot, student coordinator for Free Rodney Reed.

Reed recently spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in prison about his fight to get off of death row.

“I don’t entertain the thought of being executed. I don’t,” Reed said. “You know, If that happens, it happens, you know. But, um, I’m not looking for that to happen. I mean, the evidence speaks for itself.”

Reed’s full interview with Hayes will air next month.

Along with “Free Rodney Reed,” The Innocence Project is working to clear the convicted killer’s name. They are also calling on Governor Abbott and the Texas Board of Pardons to grand clemency.