TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Chairman of the Travis County GOP is officially on the job.

Wearing a jester’s cap, Robert Morrow was sworn-in Tuesday night. The position typically involves fundraising and helping coordinate Republican primaries. However, Morrow’s job duties are going to be different compared to others who previously held this elected post.

The GOP created a five-person steering committee earlier this month to limit his powers. Morrow will not handle non-statutory duties required by the state and federal election laws. Instead, he will act as an executive vice chairman.

The job changes came after Morrow’s controversial Tweets about members of the GOP that went viral. From vulgar Twitter posts too crude to air on television, to self-comparisons to Donald Trump, some people in his own party want him out.

The outgoing chairman, James Dickey, lost his re-election to Morrow. He hopes Morrow won’t treat the job as a joke.

“When you run for office, and if you win, you’re accepting a public charge, you’re accepting a public responsibility,” said Dickey. “You have to represent to grow the party, you have to represent the party well in all those interactions.”