AUSTIN (KXAN) — More young people are dying by suicide in Travis County.

That’s according to newly released data from Integral Care. Austin city leaders are trying to do something to help.

‘Ask, listen, talk, repeat,’ is the title of a new public health campaign led by the City of Austin, Travis County and Integral Care.

This campaign focuses on mental health for children, as suicide rates have risen 65% among children and youth between 2018 and 2022, according to data.

Leaders said they hope the campaign — kicking off ahead of summer break — continues to highlight the importance of having conversations with children about how they’re feeling.

Amanda Crossland’s son J.C. seemed happy, once. But she said it’s been about seven months since his family lost him to suicide.

“Pure torture,” Crossland said. “Grieving, it’s been very difficult.”

Crossland is glad to know more conversations around mental health are happening but wants this new Austin campaign to do more than just talk.

“What we need is acceptance,” Crossland said. “It needs to be, I’m here for you.”

Austin leaders are using a deck of cards, with questions written by psychologists from Integral Care to help parents, mentors or anyone for that matter, to talk to youth about their feelings.

“We surveyed caretakers, and out of over 130… over 85% of them said, ‘we don’t know how to start the conversation with our teams and with our children,'” the City of Austin said.

East Austin City Council Representative Natasha Harper-Madison delivered a proclamation on Wednesday, deeming children’s mental health a public health priority.

“When I grew up, because the stigma is so real, in the Black community, we weren’t allowed to talk about it,” Harper-Madison said. “These efforts will help to lower the negative stigma that is still associated with mental health.”

For Crossland, she’ll continue to be a part of the conversation for her family and others.

“I want to show people that even in the darkest of times, no matter how you feel, you can still be a light,” Crossland said.

The City of Austin said you’ll be able to get the deck of ‘Ask, Listen, Talk, Repeat,’ cards at community organizations and libraries across the Austin area.