AUSTIN (KXAN) — Non-profit rideshare company Ride Austin is reshaping its pricing model, claiming to take prices down to the lowest of any transportation network company in the city.

The company will charge $0.99 per mile and reduce their portion of the fare from 20 percent to 0 percent, in keeping with their goal of paying their drivers more.

Ride Austin plans to only take a $1.50 booking fee from each ride. The announcement Wednesday coincides with their launch of a new Android driver app, allowing the company to increase their number of drivers. An in-app tipping feature has also been added.

Opening to business on June 16, Ride Austin says they gave their 10,000th ride on Day 30 and are set to have over 100,000 rides by Day 100.

The non-profit’s charity feature — giving riders the opportunity to round up the cost of their fare in a donation to a charity — has been taken advantage of by 5,000 riders.

Regular fares for Ride Austin were previously set at $1.50 per mile plus $0.25 per minute, with a $5.00 minimum.

Ride Austin, along with a number of other ridesharing companies, began operating in Austin after Uber and Lyft decided to shut down operations following the failure of Proposition 1 in May.

The proposition would have allowed companies to continue their background check procedures rather than the city-favored fingerprinting process.

Fare, Fasten, Get Me, InstaRyde, Tride, Wingz and zTrip are listed on the city’s website as available companies.