AUSTIN (KXAN) — City records show a popular doughnut shop in West Campus was shut down earlier this month because of numerous health code violations.

When the Austin/Travis County Health Department showed up to Ken’s Donuts at 2820 Guadalupe St. for an inspection on March 8, they discovered mold inside the ice cream scoop well, employees not using gloves, unapproved insecticides, live roaches and untrained employees, among other things. Along with the violations, the health department also noted some of the food was “infested with weevils and held out of temperature.” The food manager was not also present.

Inspection Scores

11/25/15: 59

12/10/15: 56

03/08/16: 54

Because the health inspector scored the March 8 visit a 54, the business had to close for several days. The department says if a business receives three scores below 70 in the span of 36 months, they have to shut down for a short period of time to rectify the problems.

When the inspector came back two days later, there were less violations, but the report reveals there were still several employees who did not have a food handler certificate. The inspector also observed a live roach in the restaurant. The inspector gave the March 10 visit a score of 82. If Ken’s Donuts scores another score below 70 before November 2018, the city will suspend its permit and the restaurant will have to immediately close indefinitely.

On March 17, another complaint came in stating there were “roaches flying all over donuts” but when an inspector showed up, one roach was found in the front rear of the donut case and two smaller roaches were found in the kitchen.

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