(CNN/KXAN) — The floodwaters may be gone, but this was left at an office building in Houston Wednesday. That is an alligator, spotted by a CNN iReporter.

The reptile was resting in a parking garage when he was spotted. Tenants say the office building backs up to a bayou. It closed Tuesday after heavy rain. Floodwaters apparently helped the alligator get into the parking garage. Wildlife experts removed him, and he will be relocated to an alligator farm.

KXAN News looked more into this situation, and the Texas Department of Public Safety officials are reminding you to watch out particularly for snakes looking for shelter — in addition to other animals. Dead bats, battered around by the wind, could be found. Some could have rabies, so don’t touch them.

And with all the standing water, mosquitoes become a much bigger problem. Authorities say you should use insect repellant.