FAYETTE COUNTY (KXAN) — The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office had to make five water rescues after heavy rain pummeled the area Thursday and caused flooding.

As of 7 a.m. Thursday, the sheriff’s office said it made four water rescues in or near La Grange and one near Flatonia.

State Highway 77 north of La Grange near FM 153 and portions of State Highway 71 were under water Thursday morning, FCSO said.

La Grange had more than eight inches of rain overnight, and areas in Fayette County are still under a flash flood warning until 8:15 a.m., the National Weather Service office for the Austin/San Antonio area said.

Craig Moreau, the chief of Fayette County’s Emergency Management and Homeland Security office said crews have had to perform “evacuations.” He said multiple cars drove into high water so first responders had to help pull them out.

He also said trains had to be shut down for a period of time because people parked cars on train tracks to try to keep them away from rising water. He called that a “bad decision.”

Several homes in the county are flooded, Moreau said. He said crews are working to help those affected by the floods.