AUSTIN (KXAN) — Runners got the ultimate recovery session after their workouts Saturday: free wellness services. As part of its grand opening, The Ocean Lab hosted a special event benefiting Back on My Feet, a non-profit that works with people who are homeless.

The new float and sauna studio is in central Austin on Harmon Avenue, just west of Interstate Highway 35. The owners invited the community to sample their wellness services for free, although donations were suggested to benefit Back on My Feet.

The non-profit has several chapters around the country; Austin’s has been around since 2013. Runners and volunteers encourage people who are homeless to join them for group runs. They meet three days a week and the group offers access to resources and support.

“I think first and foremost they get community; they get people who are not judging them, they get hugs and high fives, they start to obviously get a health benefit of walking and running with us,” says Scott Merritt, director of Back on My Feet – Austin.

Back on My Feet runners were treated to float and sauna sessions at The Ocean Lab on Saturday after a morning run. The group has another fundraiser, The Bigfoot Trail Race, on Oct. 5 in San Marcos.