LOS ANGELES, CA (WCMH) — Great Scott! A California man won’t be going “Back to the Future” but will instead be heading to traffic court after being ticketed for driving a DeLorean 88mph.

For new DeLorean owner Spencer White, the iconic car meant he had to test the “Back to the Future” theory that 88mph means time travel.

White told KTLA, he was driving with his mom when she encouraged him to get the vehicle up to fabled speed. So I took it up to 88 and I was at 88 for about two seconds, right, and immediately I saw a police officer pulled in behind me. The police officer walks up and says I pull you over for speeding. Do you know how fast you are going? I said ‘did you get me on radar?’ And he said ‘yeah I did.’ He said you’re going 88 miles per hour.”

White said the officer even had a smile on his face when he told him the speed.

But unfortunately, no time travel was achieved by White, only a speeding ticket worth several hundred dollars. “I did not have the flux capacitor in the car at the time and I was out of plutonium. I thought he was going to give me a warning until he came back and said I got to do my job.”