AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police were assisting the city’s transportation department in handing a citation to the head of rideshare Facebook page Arcade City.

The department says the citation is for operating without an operating authority. In a video posted to Twitter, police were seen searching the Capital Factory offices at 701 Brazos St. in downtown Austin.

The person police were looking for, identified by Capital Factory as Arcade City founder and CEO Christopher David, was not at the Capital Factory offices, so police got contact information and left.

The citation was a Class C misdemeanor. David was just going to get a ticket, not an arrest, the transportation department said.

Arcade City told Austin police to “Tweet first next time,” in a post to Twitter following the search. “Ah okay. So they were just going to make arrests only if we didn’t sign their incorrect piece of paper.”

The group’s Facebook page gained attention after Uber and Lyft left Austin on May 9. Riders post their desired ride, a driver sends them a cell phone number, then the transaction is handled between the two of them.

In June, KXAN reported Arcade City set up six desks at Capital Factory, the well-known tech startup hub in downtown.

“When the Austin situation happened. We said we have to get going on this,” said David in June. His goal at the time was to get rid of middle men altogether; including major companies like Uber and Lyft. He described Arcade City as a place where riders negotiate the price.