Investigators questioned two people Wednesday who were close to serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, his roommates.

A parent of one of the roommates said she did not suspect Conditt was linked to several bombings that killed two people and injured four others.

Jennifer Withers says her 26-year-old son had recently moved into a new place owned by Conditt in Pflugerville. It was a renovated three-bedroom house with two other roommates.

She said a family friend told her son about a vacant room at the house located at 403 North Second Street that was being leased. Her son soon moved in about three months ago. 

“It seemed fine,” said Withers. 

But, her fear grew after receiving an early morning phone call, saying the FBI was arresting her son. Austin police confirmed they took both of Conditt’s roommates in for questioning. During that time, Withers said FBI agents told her son to remain anonymous. 

Jennifer Withers's son moved into the house in Pflugerville with Mark Anthony Conditt about three months ago. She said the house always seemed normal when she visited. 

“I was like ‘What?’ I couldn’t believe that they had arrested him,” Withers said. For hours, she tried reaching him by phone, with no luck. “My first thought was, ‘Oh, I know my son is not involved in this.’ But, I just want to know where he is.”

Police soon released her son, saying that he was only questioned and was not under arrest. Police are not naming the third roommate as well. He was also only questioned in this case.

Withers said Conditt was never around when she visited; and, that she did not spot any red flags linked to her son’s roommate. 

“Nothing seemed out of the ordinary,” she said. “We didn’t suspect anything. He didn’t suspect anything.”

Federal agents say they’ve discovered homemade explosives inside the home and other bombing-making materials similar to the ones that exploded throughout Austin