AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man was arrested Saturday night after getting into a fight with the groom of a wedding on a boat.

Frederick Faulkner Jr., 29, has been charged with Assault with Injury, a Class A Misdemeanor, as well as Public Intoxication.

According to an Austin Police Department arrest affidavit, officers were dispatched Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. to the 1600 block of Scenic Drive for a call of a fight breaking out between a wedding party on a boat.

The boat was pulling up to the dock as officers arrived on scene. The original caller met them on the barge, telling them that two people had begun to fight before the rest of the wedding party had to separate them.

When officers found one of the two brawlers, he identified himself as Frederick Faulkner. Faulkner then explained that he was “Acting a ass and the groom handled it.” During his statements it was made apparent to the officers that he smelled strongly of alcohol and was off balance as he moved.

Faulkner was observed continuing to reach into his pockets as he spoke, resulting in the officers attempting to frisk him. In response he tensed up and pulled away while making both hands into fists before he was put in handcuffs. As he was escorted off the boat he became belligerent yelling at another partygoer before being placed in the back of an APD patrol vehicle, where he continued to yell and began to kick the door.

A witness on the boat told officers that the wedding reception that night had been going well with everyone drinking and having a good time, while Faulkner became highly intoxicated. When Faulkner had issues standing and tying his boots another partygoer made a joke about his boots. Faulker then stood up and charged the man who said the joke, punching him in the face and starting the fight the witness said.

The man Faulkner punched was left with a bloody swollen nose. Faulkner suffered a swollen and bruised eye.

Officers at the scene placed Faulkner under arrest for Public Intoxication, followed by a charge of Assault with Injury.